Healing Our Movement Ecosystem

Healing Our Movement Ecosystem (HOME), was a two-year multi-tiered environmental justice initiative. Beginning in 2011, it included local, regional and national network-building to deepen cohesion within the intersecting ecology and environmental justice movements. HOME strengthened the ability of conservationists, indigenous peoples, alternative builders, eco-justice activists, scientists and policy advocates to act collectively to ensure the vitality of our planet and all its peoples.


Leadership development: recruited, trained and coordinated a local organizing committee in the Triangle region of North Carolina to plan and co-facilitate a ten-day Southeastern intensive workshop with Dr. Joanna Macy. We integrated Spirit in Action’s methodology and principles into all aspects of the conceptualization and planning for the workshop, i.e., setting diversity benchmarks for participant selection and using a circle process for all planning meetings. The gathering convened 51 diverse participants from across the Southeast and highlighted regional energy issues by inviting grassroots leaders to offer teach-ins on mountain top removal coal mining, hydraulic fracturing, nuclear energy, utility policies and renewable energy options

Resilience hubs: gatherings on a quarterly basis to co-create and pilot model. By developing and linking “resilience hubs,” participants had virtual and physical spaces in which to share sustainability practices and models, and to build community across diverse identities and strategies. Presented the Resilience Hub concept and experiential tools to local and national audiences (i.e., Bioneers Conference).

Spirit in Action’s methodology: introduced to executive directors of 12 environmental organizations in the Teton Region of Wyoming and Idaho. With Yes! magazine, SIA convened a national body of environmental/ecology leaders.

HOME equipped movement leaders with innovative methods for addressing the multiple crises of our times. SIA’s unique methodology brought together the best aspects of environmental justice, conservation and alternative models for ecological living into a vital space for connection among people.